One Two Three Sushi – Downtown Minneapolis

I was excited to see this new sushi place in IDS building in downtown Minneapolis. I gave this place a try today for lunch and it’s definitely different from the usual sushi place that I go. It has more chipotle kind of service where you stand in a line and basically tell the person on the other side of counter what you want in your sushi.

123 sushi prep line

Prep line for sushi

The menu offered a variety of filling as well as toppings and sauce for your sushi. So you could totally have a one of a kind sushi. Along with sushi, they also had steamed buns and noodles. But being a sushi lover, I opted for sushi for my first time. I ordered the Classic California Roll with brown rice and mango habanero sauce. I was able to grab some pictures while I was standing in line for my turn and be aware that waiting line gets pretty long at peak lunch hours like 12 noon!

123 sushi

Classic California Roll with Brown rice and Mango Habanero Sauce

I think the sushi itself was very good and the wait time in line wasn’t really bad. It moved pretty fast I should say. I loved the cute boxes the sushi came in. But I think they could have lined it with something water proof because by the time I reached my desk at work, the bottom of the box was a little moist. Also, the sushi could have been rolled a little tighter. It was a little difficult to grab them with chopsticks and dipping them in soy sauce was nearly impossible. They kept falling apart into pieces. Other than that, I loved everything about this place!

Here is a link to One Two Three Sushi if you need more information.

One Two Three Sushi on Urbanspoon

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