The Bachelor Farmer – Minneapolis, MN

DSC04076Once an industrial hub with large railroads and many warehouses and factories, North Loop or the Warehouse District is now buzzing with many new restaurants. One of those restaurants tucked in the corner of 1st Street N and 2nd Avenue N is The Bachelor Farmer.

DSC04097There is something about this place that you notice immediately after you enter. This place screams young and happy. Preppy might be the correct word here but not overwhelmingly preppy.


DSC04077I started with some Lumbini Ceylon tea, just for the sake of the name. (Lumbini is a city in Nepal and also the birth place of Gautam Buddha) My date for the brunch, my friend Fatima went for Ethiopian coffee. We had a little laugh over this because our choice of drink reflected our family roots. (Fatima is from Morocco – Africa and I am from Nepal – Asia)


DSC04081Fatima got “Soft scrambled eggs, smoked walleye, roasted oyster mushrooms, caramelized Brussels sprouts”. I know long name! But all their dishes have long names on the menu! Anyways as the name suggests, it has eggs, walleye, mushrooms and brussels sprouts carefully layered in a bowl. I asked her to describe her dining experience. So here is what she had to say. In her own words,

The food was good , I thought it was very fresh and it surprisingly opened my appetite! The portion was small, I was able to finish all my food but I’m sure for a person with a bigger appetite it wouldn’t be enough! Otherwise the brioche was excellent!


DSC04086I got “Rye spaetzle pyttipanna, pork shoulder pastrami, poached egg, savoy cabbage, caraway hollandaise” Mine was similar and I also thought the portion was really small. Nevertheless I enjoyed every bite of it. I have started liking anything topped with poached eggs so this was no exception. However, I do think that the taste of onion was a bit too strong.


DSC04088We decided to take a peak into the Sunday cart item. When our hostess was explaining the items in the cart, I could resist getting the Brioche with vanilla and pistachio filling. If you know me, I like anything that has pistachio in it. Plus my friend also suggested getting brioche. The brioche was so good that I even took one home with me 🙂



DSC04094All that ooey-gooey goodness inside was brioche!

DSC04098Overall, I like the variety they have in their menu.  Although there weren’t many items to select from the entrée section (probably because we went for Sunday brunch), whatever they had in the menu looked/sounded good. There weren’t special ingredients but the combination of ingredients in a dish was good. I also loved how open and bright this place was. I love having nice ambience while dining and this place didn’t disappoint. Now the only thing Fatima and I both didn’t like about the place, we both thought the service was a little slow. I guess everyone wants a relaxed Sunday 🙂

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  • Reply February 16, 2015


    Oh my goodness, everything on the cart looks amazing! I would have been tempted to skip the entree and just ordered pastries…

    • Reply February 16, 2015


      I probably would have to if I hadn’t ordered before the cart arrived! The cart itself was a nice touch to the restaurant!

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