Following A Skincare Guide

DSC04535Random day off during a workday always feels so much better than a regular day off on a weekend.  I wonder why!?! I decided to make this day off even better by doing something nice for my skin. I  have been following Lily Pebbles for sometime now. I like how genuine and normal and not overly excited or hyper she is. So I decided to follow her morning skincare guide today. I already do few of these steps but there are some that I don’t usually do  and even if I do, I normally don’t do it in that order. My skin care is basically …”slap a bunch of things on your face”. JK!

Cleanse –  I just used water to wash my face. But I followed with a skin polish.  I have been using this product from Tatcha called the Indigo Rice Enzyme Powder to polish my skin. I don’t do it regularly but definitely include it when I remember it.

Spray Hydrate – I used my rose-water spray that I have been loving  for quite sometime now! I use one from Mario Badescu.

Eye Cream – I am using Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado recently. I like it so far. I don’t think it does anything to my dark circle but it does hydrate my under eye area. So concealer goes on very smooth these days.

Serum – I got this serum from Jurlique as a sample from Sephora or might be from one of their kits. I always feel very fancy and mature like I take really good care of my skin when I use serum.

Moisturize –  For moisturizer, I use different one everyday but today I am using this small sample sized Nourish Daily Moisturizer from Kate Somerville. And finally I use Lucas Papaw on my lips.

Now since I already did her morning routine, maybe I should do her nightly routine too. Keep an eye…I might just do it 🙂

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