about - The Funky Beans

thefunkybeans.com is an online journal of random shenanigans of an expat living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My interest ranges from technology to fashion to food to music. So if you are here, you are here for a treat!

When I am not jotting down the perils of growing up in a foreign land (just kidding) or showing the world what is on my plate or telling how I felt about the chair at a restaurant, I am either in a corporate setting working as a Software Engineer and/or at home working towards my Computer Science graduate degree.

If you fancy a chat or have a question for me, please leave me a message anywhere in the blog or let’s connect here. You can also find me on Twitter (@thefunkybeans) or on Instagram (thefunkybeans).

Thank you for stopping by!

Khushboo (khushboo@thefunkybeans.com)

FYI –  I used to have a food specific blog prior to The Funky Beans, called “Tickle Your Taste Buds”. So if you see “tickle your taste buds” watermark in some of my old food related posts, now you know why!