Ultimate guide to Coffee Shops in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis has an interesting coffee culture. We are not very known for our coffee but we have some killer coffee shop and if you love coffee you might find some of your favorites here. I know I have mine. So without further ado and in no particular order, here is a master list of my favorite coffee shops in Minneapolis!


Five Watt Coffee – Let’s just say if I had to pick a favorite, Five Watt will be the one I would go for. Kingsfield is one of their popular espresso drink and a favorite of many including mine. Gibraltar comes close to second. Their original coffee shop is in Kingsfield neighborhood, just opposite of my all time favorite sushi place, Kyatchi. They recently opened their second location in N.E. Minneapolis.

Vicinity Coffee formerly knows as Bull Run Coffee is one of my husband’s favorite coffee shops. He compares every cappuccino with a cappuccino from this place. Go figure! Vicinity Coffee has 2 locations. I prefer the one on Lyndale because of how big the space is and Sonny’s Ice Cream is just across the street just in case you want to switch it up.


Rose Street Pattiserie, for those Instagram worthy pastries that not only looks good but actually tastes good. They also do a very good breakfast/brunch. I like coming here after a nice walk around Lake Harriet or to grab a go-cup before the walk.

Penny’s Coffee has 2 locations. My favorite one is the one located in Linden Hills primarily because they have a seating area from where you can do some spotting! I always get a Noisette and a Crepe to go with it.  

Isle Bun and Coffee –  The whole place smells like cake! Great drinks and bakery but limited seating. This place is tight and kind of reminds me of shops from my home country! I suggest getting to go but if you go early morning, you might be able to find a seat in this tiny shop.


Bachelor Farmer Cafe is another Instagram worthy cafe with vibrant interior! They do great open faced sandwiches and some amazing bakery as well. Apart from coffee and baked goods, they also do fun happy hours in their patio featuring local breweries.

Dogwood Coffee is one of the very first coffee shops I went to after moving to Minneapolis. They have 3 locations in Minnesota but you can find their coffee beans in most local coffee shops in town.


Spyhouse is a classic Twin Cities coffee joint with 6 locations, 5 of which are in Minneapolis and 1 in St. Paul. My favorite location has to be the N.E. one (which also gets really crowded during evenings). I suggest getting their signature drink Spygirl which has hints of lavender and if you like something stronger, they make a mean Cortado!

Caffetto Coffee is a true hipster coffee shop with no fuss but just good coffee. I love sitting outside and watching people. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that much lately. Must Go Back Again!  

Wesley Andrews Conversation Complements is another coffee shop that I haven’t been to many times but every time I have been there and tried their drinks, I have loved it. Rosemary Fennel is my favorite but I believe their popular drink is the Northwoods which comes with a piece of toasted marshmallow!


Bellecour is probably one of my most frequently visited coffee shops. It is located right on Lake Minnetonka on Lake street and close to where I live. During summer evening, Ananta and I would just walk by the lake and stop by Bellecour for some coffee and sweets. If you here, do get the crêpe cake!

Northern Coffee Works is my love at first sight coffee shop! I immediately fell in love with their space and especially with the music they play and flapjack like cookies! They also do good brunches. Get one of their brunch bowls!  

Botany Coffee is the king of minimalism. Interiorwise, it is aesthetically pleasing with bright lights peaking through big windows and several indoor plants serving up to its name! They serve amazing coffee along with tea and limited bakery items. They are open only till 5 pm every day and closed on Tuesdays.  

Corner Coffee is one of my most visited coffee shops after Bellecour and Spyhouse. In my opinion, they do the best Cortado in town.  Don’t believe it? Just go and check it out yourself!  


Anelance is one of the underrated coffee shops. It is tucked in Central Avenue and do some magical drinks like The Lisa Frank! You got to try it to believe it.  

Parallel Coffee is another aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. Unlike most coffee, this place is very spacious. They not only serve coffee and tea but is also a great place to catch up with a friend after work. They have small plates and some alcoholic drinks. However, my favorite has to be…..the free parking…despite being in downtown!  

GrayFox Coffee. is the coffee shop you go to when you want to try interesting espresso-based drinks. Millennial Pink coffee anyone? This place is a little hard to find as there is no sign outside. You can either access it through the entrance of W hotel or through the skyway. Please also be aware this is open Monday through Friday only.   


Fairgrounds Tea and Coffee is the new kid on the block. No, I mean it literally is the new kid on that whole block! And if you think the name sounds familiar then yes you might have seen this cafe in Chicago, Milwaukee or LA! They are also known for Kombucha on the tap. And oh yea the swings!


Misfit Coffee is located in the formal location of Urban Bean in Lyndale Avenue. Misfit Coffee started as a food truck serving coffee in different parts of town but opened their brick and mortar store in 2018. I love their nitro cold brews but they also do some delicious specialty espresso drinks!  

And if you are in Minnesota for the first time and don’t go a Minnesota’s biggest coffee chain Caribou Coffee aka our answer to Starbucks, then you didn’t go to Minnesota! So pay your visit! Ask for traditional Macchiato if you like your coffee bold.

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