Bogart’s Doughnut Co. – Minneapolis, MN

DSC04577Let me just put it out there –  I have been wanting to try Bogart’s Doughnut Co. for a very long time!!! The only problem was every time I went there on a weekend, they were always sold out! I finally got a chance to stop by Bogart’s last Friday and I couldn’t decide which one to get. I ended up getting 3 😀

bogartsdoughnut_collage1Vanilla Bean Buttercream – Filled

DSC04581Raised Glazed Traditional


My favorite out of the 3 (Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Nutella and Raised Glazed), was Vanilla Bean Buttercream filled one. I usually like plain doughnuts so got the Raised Glazed as a safe bet. Raised Glazed is a traditional doughnut glazed from outside. I got the Nutella filled doughnut to try something different. I had almost left the store when I overheard someone telling her friend about Vanilla Bean Buttercream filled doughnut. So I went back and got that one too. Man was that a good decision! It was every bit delicious.

DSC04577All the doughnuts were really soft and fluffy. The buttercream filling was very light and had just the right amount of sweetness. I feel the dough of most doughnuts taste more like semi dried bread and if there is cream involved it always feels heavy and too sweet and sometimes even stale. I can hardly finish one but I finished all three doughnuts from Bogart’s ALL. BY. MYSELF. (Of course, A did take few bites)

bogartsdoughnut_collage2Bogart’s Doughnuts reminds of doughnuts from back home. Doughnuts from back home are more light and has more layered and almost flaky texture. Something close to a croissant but not exactly a croissant. Bogart’s doughnuts are similar but with extra stuff inside and out.

20150703_112648_001 This place is definitely going to be already is my goto place for doughnuts. Now I just have to think of how to keep the weight off after eating all those fluffy goodness!

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