Welcome to the third week of The Cookbook Club! I hope you are doing well and staying safe wherever you are. Minneapolis is still in Stay at Home order by the governor so we are still cooking at home during weekdays and doing take-outs over weekends. That is how we are differentiating our weekdays with weekends!

Last week’s recipes had a pescatarian theme (unintentionally!) Although my salmon quiche was a disaster, the shrimp pineapple noodle bowl and the baked sumac fish was a hit. I loved how the noodle bowl was so easy and quick to make and I am very happy that I have a new recipe to make salmon. I usually just bake them with olive oil, some paprika, salt, and pepper. The green sauce in the recipe really added some strong flavors!

Therefore this week, I thought of following a theme as well. If you have been following me on social media, you would have noticed that my husband and I try to follow a keto-ish diet when we eat at home. We try to consume processed sugar as minimal as possible. So I thought why not for this week I select keto-friendly recipes. Here are the recipes I picked for week 3! I hope you like it!

Keto Chicken Pesto Burger:

Creamy Tuscan Chicken Skillet:

Keto Cheesecake:

I am planning to do a vegan theme for week 4. If you have any vegan recipes that you have been wanting to try or love, please do let me know!

Finally don’t forget to use the hashtag #theCookbookClub if you make any of the recipes above. Tag me (@thefunkybeans) in your post so that I can see all of them. Happy Cooking and Stay Healthy!

Cover Photo Credit: Delish

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