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Welcome to The Cookbook Club!

An idea inspired by many influencers and bloggers and obviously the current pandemic lockdown! Now that many people are staying in and cooking more at home including me, I am starting to get a little tired of cooking my “go-to” dishes. I am pretty sure many of us are. Hence this idea was born. Why don’t I follow a cookbook each month and why don’t I check with friends if they would like to do the same…like a book club but instead, use a cookbook, a cookbook club!

What is this cookbook club?

The whole idea behind it is to try something new. We all know how to cook scrambled eggs but maybe there is an interesting way to make it that we have never tried. And that’s the whole point; to make cooking at home a little more interesting and maybe learn something new along the way. But do it together with a group of like-minded people.

Why do you need a “club”?

You don’t. It is just a little more interesting when you do it as a group. 

So how does this work?

Just like in any book club you pick a book for the month, together we will pick a cookbook for the month. We will try to make dishes as instructed by the writer of the cookbook. You can choose to make 1 or all of the dishes from the book. The choice is yours. Now since we are in the middle of pandemic and shipping is probably going to be delayed because you guessed it…cookbook is not an essential item, for this month and until we have to, we will do it a bit differently. 

To start off, for April, I will pick 3 recipes every week. It can be from an online resource or a physical cookbook. If you have the cookbook, great! But if you don’t or don’t want to purchase another cookbook then just let me know, I will try to get you the recipe in digital format. 

Once we are back to normalcy, we can pick a cookbook to follow that month. And who knows maybe we can all meet in person and share our actual meal!

So what are the rules?

There are none. The only request would be to share a picture or video of your final product and maybe tag them so that everyone who is participating can see how it turned out. Share with everyone if you followed the recipe step by step or added your own spin. 

How do I join the club?

I am glad you are interested. It would be sad if there was no one in the club except me. 

Well, you don’t have to do anything. Just follow along. You might want to bookmark this site because I will be posting the recipes and cookbooks to follow here. I will also be communicating through Instagram whenever there is a new post. So you might want to follow me at @thefunkybeans.

So you think you want to do this? If you said yes then, welcome to the club!


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