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DSC01497As a coffee lover, if I were to recommend good coffee shops in Twin Cities area, it would hands down go to Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Company and Bull Run Coffee Bar.  I go to both the location pretty often but today I will be talking about Bull Run Coffee Bar.


DSC04584When I first visited Bull Run Coffee, it was housed in a very small area, almost like an alley or a big hallway. I remember not having anywhere to sit and sharing a small sofa with my friend. But recently, the café expanded to the adjacent space and now uses the original space to showcase different exhibitions.

DSC04580The coffee itself is the best I have tried in Twin Cities. It has that nutty roasted aroma that makes you want to keep your nose next to the coffee mug. My recommendation if you like strong dark roast, then go for their Macchiato or Cappuccino. The plain straight coffee is also good. They also sell their coffee beans if you are interested in brewing it yourself.


DSC04581Food-wise, I have never seen a big selection. The reason might be because every time I have been here, it has always been late in the day like after work. And judging by the number of pictures, I seem to pick the same thing and ironically I don’t know what it is called. I just know it has a nice raspberry filling in it.


DSC01499This place is a good place to meet people. Everybody respects everyone else. I have never seen anyone talking obnoxiously loud. Everyone seems to be doing their own business. The staffs or barista are always helpful and greet you with smile. The background music they play is always easy-going and there are good amount tables if you want to bring your laptop and work on something.


DSC04579If you want space to work on your computer that also provides no fuss good quality coffee, then this is your place!

DSC01491Have you been to Bull Run Coffee Bar?

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