Dollar Motivation

DSC03666 More than half of my day is spent sitting on a chair and doing little to no exercise. I don’t consider myself big but I am not fit either. I have never been an athletic type. While in school, I quit gymnastics (which I regret awfully now!!) and took something less athletic like violin! Even now, the nature of my work is mostly sedentary. I could work out after work but since starting school, I have little to no motivation to get up and go run or do something especially in this cold Minnesota winter. Yes I am getting unhealthy day by day and I very much aware of it.  But sometimes (or most times maybe) it is simply hard to get up after a whole day of work, class work and other household chores! Jennifer Lawrence and I could be best friends!

DSC03668So I came up with an idea to motivate myself to exercise. I cut out small pieces of paper and marked them with a simple exercise like 15 minutes Yoga or 15 squats. Each piece is worth a dollar. I pick a piece of paper or more everyday and complete the exercise. If I complete the workout, then I get a dollar to spend. I have 34 of those so that is equivalent to $34 to spend on anything guilt free! But there is a catch. I have to finish all 34 within 1 month. This might sound silly to many but I think it gets me moving. I never stop at one exercise. Once I complete one exercise routine, I usually pick another one too and most of time, I do more than what I pick.

So far it has been working for me. This is my test month. If I think it is too easy then next month, I will add harder ones or increase the repetition or time.

And for now, I am eyeing on this beautiful Chanel lipstick!

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