Portable Charger Upgrade


I have had this dinky colorful portable charger from Triple C for J. Crew for a year now. Triple C has a lot of products and I believe this one is called iBoost. I bought it from J.Crew when they had that usual 30% off sale in store. I love everything about it. It’s small, handy, lightweight, is protected with rubberized surface, comes with a built-in USB to charge the charger and it is pretty to look at. But it is just not that powerful enough.  At times, it felt like it would just get discharged if kept idle for long time. The charger wasn’t holding the power. So basically I would have portable charger that didn’t have any charge and even if it did, it would be very limited. I had to get a new one.

Introducing Anker Astro. I got this one from Amazon and is very powerful. It can charge up to 3 devices using USB cable. Just for comparison, the Triple C iBoost has a battery capacity of 1000 mAh while Anker Astro has 20800 mAh. It’s more than 20 times powerful and holds the battery for pretty long time. The only things that I wish were different about Anker Astro is the weight the shiny surface. It is pretty heavy and bulky so if you are holding a small clutch, it takes a lot of space and pulls your clutch! Secondly, the shiny surface! This shiny surface is like having a new phone. It is so prone to scratching. I have already made some scratches despite the fact that it comes with a nice cover. I don’t know how that happens! But warning, it will happen, just like you will drop your shiny new phone  eventually 🙂DSC01829

Both the charger are good depending on the situation. If you need a trusty charger for times like {~cue dramatic music} when you are hiking up a rural mountain  like A did this past fall in Nepal where there was no place to charge any electronic devices, then Anker Astro is your friend. Triple C can be your friend too but it will betray you pretty quick! It is good for times when your phone is dying and just need to make a quick call before it dies. Overall, Anker Astro is a winner for me!

Do you have any other portable chargers that you love and recommend?


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