Travel Companions

DSC02456While we are in the topic of traveling, I thought of sharing some of my travel companions aka travel necessities. Different people have different needs depending on how they are traveling. These are some of my bare minimum must-haves for short-haul flights besides the obvious wallet:

A scarf that doubles as a shawl or a blanket and even pillow if necessary. It keeps me warm in always so cold airports. Someone tell me why it is always so cold in airports? PS my scarf is from Vince Camuto.

Socks. Because it keeps my feet warm and comfortable at the same time. I have my favorite Firefox Mozilla socks that I got during GHC last year.

Some sort of wipes or tissues because it is inevitable not to spill anything when you are sitting in such a small space and also trying to do many things.

Phone. Because it is a phone. No explanation necessary.

Portable charger. What can a phone with zero battery do?

Headphones to either watch movie, listen to music, block the sound of the engine or the person next to you 😉  These headphones are Sol Republic Amps In Ear headphones

Mints or chewing gum. They are the must have things in your bag like your wallet. I usually have Altoids but I recently found these at a hotel convenience store. They are called Mimosa Mints. I just got it because the tin looked nice! I am not sure if they are really “minty” though.

A small refreshing perfume like this one from Philosophy (Amazing Grace).

Sometimes my eyes get itchy and it is really annoying when that happens. So I always carry this eye drop called Alaway. This one was recommended to me by my doctor.

Hand Sanitizer. It is good to have one and it does not take a lot of your space.

When you are traveling, sometimes even the smallest thing like hair in your face can be bothering. I like to keep this kind of unnecessary issues at a bay…with a hair tie.

Hand cream. To keep your hands soft because who doesn’t like soft hands 🙂 This one is by Aveda and it smells so good!

Lip Balm because air in airplane is too dry and lips are the first thing to get chapped in such conditions.

Facial Spray. Now this might be a bit unnecessary for many but I have become a fan since the first time I used it. I literally carry this everywhere. It hydrates and leaves the skin glowing. The one I carry is by Mario Badescu and is called Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water.

A concealer because I have pretty bad dark circle. This one by YSL called Touche Eclat, conceals and brightens at the same time and is easy to carry it everywhere.

A lip color like this one by NARS in almost nude pink (Dolce Vita) shade lifts up your whole face. I like the idea of having a fresh looking fresh.

One thing that is missing from this list is a my tablet. Other than that I think this is what I would count as my bare necessities for short-haul flights. As I mentioned earlier, different people have different needs. So what are your travel companions?

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