Music Festival Necessities

festival_bag_fpLast week, I went to Chicago to attend one of Chicago’s biggest music festivals, Spring Awakening. Unlike the year before, Spring Awakening Music Festival (SAMF) this  year was held in Addams/Medil Park instead of Soldier Field Stadium. Initially I had thought of doing a full post on SAMF but as I was writing the post, I realized I didn’t have many pictures to share. Instead, I decided to write and share what I took with me to the festival aka my absolute festival necessities. And without further ado let’s get started with “what is in my festival bag”!

Wallet  The smaller the better. Most festivals are cashless. You can load money to your wristband and just scan your wristband to make any purchases inside the festival compound. SAMF wasn’t cashless. Hence wallet for your cards and cash.

Cell Phone – Pretty obvious one. You will want to know where your friends are. Plus you will need it to call your ride home or instantly share that picture 😉 Just be aware of where you keep your phone and your surrounding. Sometimes things can magically disappear.

Point and Shoot Camera – I know this a little old school and people might question, why do you need a point and shoot camera  when smart phones are as good as if not better than some point and shoot cameras. Well, I take a lot of pictures on my phone and I am always out of memory. Hence as a back up I always take a small point and shoot camera with lots of available memory space.

External Charger – Someone in your group is always out of battery. I am that grandmother who carries external charger 🙂 I did a small review on the external charger that I currently have. You can read it here.

Sunglasses – It was a very bright and sunny day. Sunglasses were must. Plus it makes you look instantly cool! Just saying. My suggestion on sunglasses would be to take one that you don’t mind loosing. Keep your expensive ones home.

Blotting Paper – Again, it was really hot and humid that day. Everything was melting including my make up. Blotting paper along with sunglasses came in really handy to hide those melting eye make-up!

Lip tint – I am not a glossy lips person. I prefer matte lips but I took this lip tint for a reason. This particular one is surprisingly moisturizing and provides such a nice hint of color once the shine is gone.

Small Bag – To keep everything in one place. I prefer cross body bags with zips. This particular Rebecca Minkoff has a pocket on the front which is secured by zip and a hook which provides extra security to anything valuable.

These are things I took with me on festival day. Other than the things mentioned above if I could I would take a hand sanitizer and an empty water bottle. I didn’t have a sealed sanitizer  at that moment and I completely forgot the water bottle! I ended buying a bottle of water and refilling the bottle at water refilling stations. Refiling stations were free.

Do you have any festival necessities? Please do share!

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