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DSC06322I was contacted by Caffè Colibrì few months ago asking if I wanted to try their coffee. If you know me, I can never say no to coffee. So I jumped to the offer.  Within few days I had  a bag of freshly roasted personalized coffee beans in my hand.

DSC06336If you are not familiar with the brand, Caffè Colibrì is a Minnesota based family owned coffee subscription company. You choose the flavor you want. Basically there are two at the moment: Single Origin and Blended. Single origin coffee beans have more distinct sharp notes while Blended coffee beans as the word suggests is more balanced. Then you choose the roast level: light, medium or dark. Since light roast are lightly roasted, it retains the characteristics of the beans whereas darker the roast is, the lesser you can tell the characteristic of the bean. Dark roast are more rich and in some cases a little oily too. Light roast also has higher caffeine level vs the darker roast. And finally you can choose the shipping frequency. Each bag weighs 12oz and cost $15.

caffecolibri_collage1The biggest plus of this service is the beans you get are freshly roasted. The beans that I received were roasted just the day before and even after weeks they smelled fresh!  I am not even exaggerating; every time I opened the bag, Ananta and I literally hold the bag and smell the beans. I went for the blended beans in dark roast. But I also received a sample of both light and medium roast. Out of the three roasts, my favorite is dark roast. I prefer nutty taste in coffee. One 12 oz bag of beans lasted a little over a month for me and I am frequent coffee drinker.

caffecolibriI make my coffee two ways. When I am in a hurry, I make a pour-over but if I have time, I usually go for some kind of espresso drinks. I got an espresso machine as a house-warming gift and I am loving using these two together. Just make sure you have a good grinder to get the best of this coffee beans and try drinking it alone without any milk or creamers. Trust me you will love it!

DSC06352Overall I am very satisfied with the coffee. Will I place an order? Definitely yes! No one should drink bad coffee! As a matter of fact, I am about to do it now 🙂


  • Reply August 17, 2016


    A personalised bag of coffee beans! That’s a royal treatment for a coffee connoisseur 😉

    • Reply August 17, 2016


      It’s a nice touch to add those personalised labels when you get your personalised beans

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