Musical events at Potbelly Sandwich Works

potbelly_fpIf you live in United States then  you probably have tried Potbelly Sandwich at least once if not many times. I have been to Potbelly myself many times. Last week, I was invited to check out at one of their many sandwich shops. I visited their shop in Roseville which is conveniently located with the Rosedale mall complex.

DSC06522DSC06514I must admit that when it comes to sandwiches I am very picky. Sandwiches are usually not my first choice when I go out to eat because I find most of them a tad bit dry. But there is something about the Potbelly sandwiches that I like. I haven’t tried all of their sandwiches but the ones that I have tried are some of my favorites. My usual go-to are Italian, Mediterranean and Wreck. The base of Italian, as the name suggests has layer of traditional Italian meats like salami, pepperoni, capicola and mortadella along with provolone cheese. While the Mediterranean has a layer for hummus, artichoke and feta cheese, the Wreck on the other hand is a classic one with roast beef, ham, turkey and swiss cheese. This is also Ananta’s favorite. (Mediterranean and Wreck not pictured) And as always if you want extra toppings, you can go for it. I usually get hot peppers, lettuce and tomatoes. 


Steve West

DSC06488Since I work in downtown, my usual go to Potbelly location is the one inside IDS building. During weekdays, I hardly have time to sit and eat in. What I have been missing from all this was the fact that Potbelly frequently hosts musical events. Steve West was performing at the Roseville location that day. He filled the whole space with his beautiful voice and tunes from his guitar. He also played few of my favorite songs. My friend and I had some good sing along time. It is always so much fun to have something unexpected like that happen. There are 2 more artists who play at the same location. Steve is already my favorite because he played John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane. I ended up buying his CD which was on sale in the shop.

DSC06506PS: If you haven’t heard this song then you are missing out something very nice! Well all of John Denver’s song are nice so go listen to all of them!

DSC06519Most of the Potbelly location have musical events frequently. If you like to attend of these event and make your dining experience a little more fun, do check the store for details on the event. I assure you the performers won’t disappoint. You can find the list of the stores here.

DSC06499Have you a chance to see any performers during your Potbelly sandwich visit?


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