Chippewa Valley Air Show 2015 – Eau Claire, WI

DSC012301Blue Angels signature formation –  Diamond

If there is one non-breathing, non-living thing that I absolutely love, it is aeroplanes or airplanes. I have loved airplanes ever since I can remember. They have never failed to amaze me and continue to do so.  And the best thing happened when I was in Chippewa Valley Airshow few weeks ago. An F-16 flew right above my head! Call me crazy but I love the roaring sound of that engine and the chill it gives to my skin. If you have ever watched a take off video and have seen people holding to whatever they can and barely standing behind the airplane, getting completely blown off by jet stream of air…yea I am one of those people 🙂 And till I get to do that, these airshows will suffice for now! Hope you enjoy these few pictures from the airshow.

DSC01254Blue Angels

DSC01255Blue Angels

DSC04768Blue Angels

DSC01184Dakota 10 –  First plane to fly out of Nepal

airshow_collage1The Fairey Gannet, Janet 



DSC01194Line to get inside C130

DSC01199Inside C130

DSC01218Cockpit of C130




My first air show…couldn’t be more happier!

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