The Cookbook Club – May/June 2020

cherry bombe

Welcome back chefs (at home) and Happy May!

The cookbook that I have selected for May and June is a popular one and most of you might already have it or at least have heard or seen the bright pink cover in bookstores. It is Cherry Bombe by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu.

There are a lot of reasons why I selected this particular cookbook for our first proper cookbook club. First, we are still in crisis mode and most places are still under Stay at Home order which means bookstores are closed. As I mentioned above, this book is pretty popular and most people might already have it. So most people can join in the fun right away without having to wait for the book to arrive in the mail. Secondly, this particular cookbook is a compilation of recipes from many leading women in the food industry. This includes and is not limited to Padma Laxmi, Christina Tossi, Melissa Clark, Molly Yeh, and others! I love the variety of women they have chosen for this book. They are not all professional chefs but have something to do with food. And the third reason, this is just a beautiful book to add to your collection or just have it on the coffee table. For anyone who loves collecting cookbook…ahem me...this is just a must-have!

I have already ordered my book and cannot wait for Sunday to come and cook with you all. I also highly recommend buying it off of Amazon as it is way cheaper than any other vendor. And if you like to save even more, get the digital copy!

You can buy the book here.*

As always don’t forget to share your final result with the hashtag #theCookBookClub or tag me in your post(@thefunkybeans). Happy Cooking and talk to you soon!

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Cover Photo Credit: Cherry Bombe

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