The Cookbook Club: April 8 – April 14

the cookbook club

Welcome back! And if you are new, hello there! If you are new here and curious about The Cookbook Club, I highly suggest giving this post here a quick read. To everyone following along, thank you so much for doing so. Please know that you are making my cooking at home so much more fun and meaningful! I am sending you virtual hugs 🙂

This week in the cookbook club, I have selected recipes from my second favorite online resource for cooking, Epicurious. If you sense a pescatarian theme this week, let me tell you it was not done on purpose. It is purely coincidental. I am sure you wouldn’t mind. I know I won’t!

Sumac Baked Fish with Saffron Quinoa:

Pineapple Shrimp Noodle Bowl:

Smoked Salmon Quiche:

As always don’t forget to use the hashtag #theCookbookClub. Tag me (@thefunkybeans) in your post so that I can see all of them. Happy Cooking!

Cover Photo credit: Epicurious

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