The Cookbook Club: April 22 – April 30

vegan pizza

Welcome to the forth and final week of April’s Cookbook Club!

Last week’s dishes reminded me again of how important it is to take everything in moderation. We normally associate Keto diets with healthy food because it promotes low carb, low sugar meals but they don’t put a limit on fats. This I think is a problem. I understand the logic behind Keto diets and Ketosis but come on, some of the dishes have way too much fat added to compensate for carbs and sugar. With that said, I still loved all the dishes. I just won’t be making them frequently. My favorite was Creamy Tuscan Chicken Skillet. Every bite was heavenly. The Pesto Chicken Burgers were just easy to make and delicious at the same time. I think I would go a little easy on the pesto. I felt like the recommended amount of pesto with the ground chicken, made the patty a bit too salty. But again, salty depends on an individual’s taste.

Anyways, since the last few weeks’ dishes have been meat and poultry heavy, I thought for this week, we try out some vegan/vegetarian dishes. Ever since I stopped the vegan diet, I have found myself incorporating meat daily into my diet. Meat is such an easy dish to make that I forget how often I am eating it. So to ease up a little bit, here are some vegan/vegetarian recipes!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #theCookbookClub if you make any of the recipes above. Tag me (@thefunkybeans) in your post so that I can see all of them. Happy Cooking and Stay Healthy! See you on the next post for The Cookbook Club!

Cover Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

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