Day 5 – Final Day: Live Below the Line

Day 5 – the final day! And I am happy to say that I made it through!

I had my usual cereal and milk for breakfast. I took a banana with me for snack since I usually get hungry around 10-11-ish am.

For lunch I made a pita bread at home usual all-purpose flour. I ate that a side of mango chutney – Indian style! I have heard stories from my parents how if I ever travel in Indian long distance trains, I would see a lot of people eating pita bread with a side of chutney and raw onions. I love chutney but not sure if I can eat raw onions again. Maybe I can with a dash of lime and salt on it 🙂

IMAG0552_1The best part of the final day was the dinner I got invited to! A good of friend of mine hosted a dinner for a couple of her friends and myself. It was a pure coincidence or maybe my good luck. A lot of my friends told me that I was breaking the $1.50/day rule but I think I am or was not. Its free food. I didn’t ask my friend to host the dinner nor I told her to invite me. I was invited and I took this opportunity to eat free dinner! I took this just like the free coffee I get at work just better! I don’t pay for it so why not. So for dinner, I had momos! Momos are flour dumplings with stuffed minced meat. It is similar to Chinese dumplings just better! This was the best meal I had in 5 days! I wish I had taken a picture of my dinner plate to share but as clichéd and phony as it may sound, I did forget everything when I saw the food.

With that, I am wrapping up $1.50 a day challenge! And I call it a success!

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