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DSC00272Sometimes when things don’t go the way you expect, it turns out even better. A and I attended the Nepalese New Year event few weeks ago but the event was such a success that they ran out dinner literally. Not the organizers fault. A lot of us (attendee) didn’t RSVP but still showed up 🙂 So, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant, Northeast Social.

DSC00274From outside, Northeast Social looks like just another eatery but inside it is beautiful. The decor inside was very unique. Comfy wicker chair meets the gilded ceiling. There is a small eat-in bar area as well. I am guessing this is how a pub would like in Hamptons! I might be completely wrong because I have not been to a pub in Hamptons but that is my wild guess.

Anyhow, we got our tables pretty fast. The crowd inside the restaurant was pretty decent for early dinner time. I got seared scallops from appetizer and A got a sandwich.DSC00279

DSC00278My scallops were really good. They weren’t too chewy or too soft. They were just three but they were pretty big. It came in a bedding on black-eyed beans and pieces of ham. So even if the scallops were light, the mixture of beans and ham made it pretty filling. I didn’t feel the need to order an entrée.


DSC00283A’s sandwich, which unfortunately I forgot what exactly he ordered was just okay in my opinion. I just remember not being “wow-ed”. It wasn’t a bad sandwich by any means but there wasn’t anything special to remember either.

Overall, I loved the environment of this place. Service was good and the food came out pretty fast. I loved my scallops. Though it was an appetizer, it was pretty filling. There isn’t much to say about the sandwich as I thought it was just okay and nothing special. So the verdict –> Will I come here again? Yes if I am around the area and maybe not if I have to drive all the way from south metro to northeast. But I will definitely recommend this place, if any of my peeps are looking for a classic restaurant to eat in north metro! And finally… if you fancy seeing me eat, here is a picture from that day 🙂 Have a good day/afternoon/night everyone!DSC00284

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