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DSC04816There are days when you wake up and want breakfast served right to bed.  Well that happens if you are in hotel which has room service or if your other half is in the great mood and brings it for you. But when none of the scenario is possible, you go to a nearby cafe for breakfast. Maker’s Cafe is that nearby cafe for me.

DSC04828Maker’s Cafe is a new concept store from coffee chain giant Dunn Bros. Every corner of this cafe is very Pinterest worthy. Plus the open space and the floor to ceiling windows all around the cafe makes you instantly happy. At least it does to me!

DSC04818We ordered a Make Bake Skillet and Classic Breakfast sandwich along with some coffee. The make bake skillet breakfast definitely looked better on the menu than in our plate! I expected it to come in an actual skillet which obviously didn’t happen. But let’s be real, this is casual cafe. The food itself was not very fancy but had a very homemade feel to it. What I mean to say is, sometimes when you go to a big chain restaurant some item almost feel like they were prepared by a machine. There is always the exact number of mushrooms or tomatoes in every omelette! That is not the case of this place and exactly what I liked about Maker’s cafe. The classic breakfast sandwich was the same case. Nothing felt processed. Plus the side of fruit made the breakfast even better. The portion size was on the smaller side. So if you like lighter breakfast, you will like it here.

DSC04821Make Bake Skillet

DSC04822Classic Breakfast Sandwich

DSC04825Other than breakfast, you can bring your laptop and work. It’s very convenient. You just need to wake up and bring your laptop. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served…of course as long as you pay 🙂 For frequent boost of energy, you can always visit their ice tea bar (pictured above).

DSC04820You can also rent this place out for events. They also have this cute little multi-purpose  bar area.

DSC04826And yes for everyone who is obsessed with a Pinterest and cute Etsy things, they also sell few of those items here as a part of their pop-up shop. I almost bought that marble cheese plate. I have been little everything marble obsessed lately!


DSC04829Conclusion – It is a good place for quick meal. It is also a good place to bring your laptop and work. We haven’t tried their lunch or dinner menu but overall we are happy about our quick bites and glad that we made it here!

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