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Sprinkles Cupcakes

Last Christmas A and I went to Chicago, IL for a mini vacation. We love  going to Chicago and have been to this windy city numerous times and never get tired of it. However, for some reasons we always end up rushing everywhere. I guess that is because we plan to do so many activities while we are there. But this time, we went with an empty itinerary. So we got a chance to explore different things and of course different restaurant typically not found in Minnesota.

While we were walking around the city, we came across this interesting bakery. It is called the Sprinkles Cupcakes  and there was a huge line outside. Despite the line, we decided to check it out. Everything inside was so pink and cute! Once we made our order, our cupcakes came fairly quick. One complain about this location was the place was really small for the amount of people that come here and almost no place to sit and eat (like 6 high chairs!) Nevertheless, our cupcakes looked really good and believe it or not, even though I don’t have a sweet tooth, I loved it! Check out the pictures!

Sprinkles Cupcake

I got milk chocolate (Left) and I think A got Cinnamon Sugar (Right)

Milk Chocolate Cupcake

Milk Chocolate Cupcake

And there was this cute vending machine outside the store for those people who do not want to wait in line! I thought that was a nice idea.

Sprinkles Vending Machine

Sprinkles Vending Machine

Cupcake Vending Machine Up Close

Up Close

And for more information and flavors, check it out here.

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