El Loro Mexican Grill and Cantina – Bloomington, MN

DSC04451The best part about my neighborhood is that there are so many places to eat in close vicinity. One of those places is El Loro Mexican Grill and Cantina in Bloomington. El Loro is located in a very unusual place; almost hidden and I am pretty sure, if they didn’t have the big neon light sign, it would be very difficult to find (and I didn’t know I can rhyme!).


DSC04458As with every Mexican place, a bowl of chips and salsa was immediately brought to the table. I got a mango margarita because it was Happy Hour so decided why not! My margarita was big but honestly I didn’t like it so much! Too much artificial syrup and too sweet. Plus the drink was huge! I had a hard time finishing it. Even A’s beer was huge.

DSC04461We just ordered Fajita for two and I am glad we just ordered one dish. It was pretty big and could have been easily shared with 4 people unless you are super hungry then 3 maybe. The food was good and cheap for the amount we got. Meat was soft and well cooked and the seasoning in my opinion was just right. So can’t complain about anything. The meat portion included pork, chicken and shrimps.

DSC04462I actually forgot to take a picture so all these pictures are from when we were half way through! Please don’t mind the picture of sad-looking lonely piece of bread

Overall the food was good but I can’t say the same about the drink; especially margarita. I should say the service was pretty fast and the place was pretty clean. The big question, will I visit again? Maybe yes just because it is close to where I live but if I was living somewhere in north metro maybe not. Although food was good, I didn’t find anything special about the place.

Have you been to any of the El Loro chains?

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