Following a nighttime skin care routine

DSC04801I go through this phase once in few months when one side of my face goes completely nuts and decides to break out sporadically. Few days ago I noticed few minor bumps on the left side of my face. I don’t consider myself to have a “wow” skin. For the level of effort I put to maintain my skin, I think I have pretty good skin and I don’t worry about it too much. But when these random phases kick in, I kind of get a little panicky, which is when I slap hundreds on skin care product on my face. Just kidding! No one can put hundreds of product on their face…or can you? Anyways I upped my skin care game and wanted to share what I have been doing this week.

Since I have to be at work by certain time, I usually don’t have  much spare time in the morning. On a daily basis, I never forget to wear an eye cream and moisturizer with some sort of SPF after washing my face. But because of the bumps this week, I went back to Lily Pebbles morning skin care guide. I did my own version of it. You can read it here and I still use all the products mentioned in that post except for the moisturizer. I am using one from REN at the moment. And for the night-time here are few things I have been using and honestly been liking:

Eye Makeup Remover –  I first picked up Garnier Clean + Nourishing Oil sometime last year and have always wondered why no beauty gurus talk about it. Everyone talks about The Body Shop one but I think this one gets the job done too. The idea is same. Plus it is cheaper than one from The Body Shop. No hate for The Body Shop here…just speaking my mind.

Cleanse – To cleanse I go for basics like Cetaphil which does not irritate my skin and is simple and easy to use. But lately since I have been out of Cetaphil, I have been using one from La Roche-Posay. It is called the Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser. I use it with a face brush.

Toner/ Spray Hydrate–  I am grouping toner and spray hydrate section together because I think the product that I use does both. I use the rose-water spray from Mario Badescu and I LOVE IT!

Treatment – I guess you can call Origin Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask a treatment. I have been using this product for yonks! Although the instruction says to only use 2-3 times a week, I use it almost every night. I am not sure if that is actually doing bad things to my skin but I like how my skin feels the next day. Apart from this, I also did a clay mask this week to remove any impurities or dead skin. I used Glamglow if you are wondering.

Oil or Moisturize – I am usually not hesitant when it comes to buying skin care products. I think we all need to take good care of skin because they are the only one you have…like all our other body parts – I am not sure where I was going with that but you get the point right? Skin is the first thing you see in a person. Skin can tell so many things like your habits and hygiene. Yes there are people who suffer from certain chronic skin issues and I am not referring to specific group. I am talking about in general. Anyways getting back to my point that I don’t mind splurging on skin care as long as it is within reason. I bought Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil about a month or two ago after reading a lots of reviews about it. It is pretty pricey but then you really don’t need much. You just need about 2-3 drops for your entire face. I know this bottle will last me more than a year even if I use it every night and honestly I don’t use it every night.  I switch between a night cream and vitamin E oil. But one thing is for sure when I use it, I always find my skin a little brighter and fresh looking the next morning.

Apart from this, I am trying to get enough amount of sleep and drink lots of water. I have tried my best to sleep facing the ceiling so that my already irritated skin doesn’t get more irritated. I am finding it very hard to sleep with my face facing the ceiling!! So I make sure that my pillowcases are clean, just in case if there is something in the case that is causing the bumps. And  finally last night I also cleaned all my make up brushes! Kudos to that!

So that is/has been my plan of attack for sudden bumpy skin. What’s yours? Please do share yours if you have any!

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