Travel Diaries: Atlanta, GA

DSC05172_headerWhile we were in Georgia for Tomorrowworld, we spared a day to explore Atlanta.  One thing all of us noticed immediately was how green Atlanta is. There are trees everywhere. All the medians between the highways are very well maintained. Few places even looked like mini parks because the medians were so big and had so many trees. While the weather was not favorable, we still managed to do few things. Hope you enjoy this photo diary!



Our first destination was Georgia Tech. Since I am an online student, I never got my student ID so took this opportunity to go get my student ID. It was a raining the whole morning and that didn’t help with picture for ID. Nevertheless I was pretty excited to get my ID. I know random! I also found my department which in my opinion looked like some kind of scientific lab.1446364969801

Next on our agenda was just randomly exploring the city. We strolled around the Centennial Olympic Park for a bit before it started raining again.DSC05167



We did some indoor touristy things like visiting CNN headquarters and Coca Cola museum. The CNN guided tour was pretty informative. We got to see some mock and real studios and also learn about some of the technologies that they use.DSC05179




The fun part of touring the Coca Cola museum was trying out 100 flavors of Coca Cola from around the world. And yes I did try the infamous Beverly from Italy.



Few of my friends who now live in Minnesota used to live in Georgia and suggested us to go to Buckhead area. We decided to drive by this area and also grab something to eat quick before heading back to airport. This is definitely a premium area with lots of shopping, places to eat and things to do. I wish we had more time to explore this part of the city. Nonetheless I was still happy with whatever time we had especially after finally getting to try Shake Shack. DSC05244


DSC05247My camera died right after taking this picture! I guess that was cameras way of saying time to return and relax and put all electronic gadgets away.

DSC05212This probably was one of the most planned yet very unplanned vacation I have ever taken. We took our time planning every bit for Tomorrowworld but left the last day unplanned. It was good in a way because we weren’t rushing to reach anywhere. We still had fun even with an empty itinerary.

 While you are here you might want to look at Tomorrowworld through phone lens!

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