Rules of Packing!

DSC06009Over the last few weeks, I have been going on impromptu weekend getaways with very limited time for packing. So I thought I would share some of the tips/rules that I have been following. But before I start I want to share a little story about my frequent weekend travels during my uni days.

A and I went to different universities for undergraduate school. He was in Iowa and I was in Minnesota. We maintained a long distance relationship for few years but always found a way to spend the weekends together. Let just say there was a lot of driving involved. I got into a habit of having a duffle bag always ready with essentials. So I was a quick packer but not necessarily a smart one. I would pack way too many things and would end up not using a good amount of things I had packed. However I have been improving lately. I have been following few rules which has been working like a charm!

DSC06003Rule 1: Always know how the weather is going to be like. Yes weather can be deceiving but it is good to have a general idea. For example Chicago lies south of Minneapolis. That does not mean it is warmer than Minneapolis. Chicago is still cold and WINDY! Pack warm clothes. Well my suggestion is to always have one light jacket or something warm for chilly nights or days.

DSC06006Rule 2: Find out the kind of activities you would be doing. If your trip includes a lot of city sightseeing, maybe a walking shoes is better than a shoe with moderately high heels. In other words, something that you know for sure won’t hurt your feet. If you plan to have a night out then a pair of heels. If your plan includes beach or waterpark, then maybe a slipper. You get the idea, right?

DSC06007Rule 3: This one is probably the most important one and the one that ties both rule 1 and 2 together. Pre-plan your clothes for each day. Decide what you will wear when you go to airport and put it separate from rest of your clothes. For the rest of the days, plan your outfits like you are going to a fashion week. Stack and pack them together so that it is easy to find. Some people like to roll items instead of stacking or even use packing cubes. I think just regular stacking works best of me. Also see if you can use any clothes multiple times. For instance items like cardigans, plain white t-shirt work with multiple outfits.

DSC060021Everything that I packed for my weekend trip to Chicago.

As you have noticed all of these rules are pretty common rules of packing. I am sure everyone knows them but we just forget how powerful they are and how it can greatly expedite your process of getting ready the next day 🙂

What are your rules of packing for weekend getaways?

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