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black_sea_tytbA and I have been wanting to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant where the sliced meat on the gyro does not taste like a cardboard paper. Most of the places that we have eaten, the meat or the lamb tastes very artificial like it had been processed or something. It does not taste natural or meat like! As our search continued we discovered this Turkish restaurant, Black Sea on Urban Spoon. It had a pretty good rating so we decided to check it out.

The first thing I noticed about the Black Sea restaurant was that it was barely noticeable although it was right on the road so you need to have a good eye to spot it. The sign for the restaurant was very small and restaurant itself was also very tiny. Since we went during day time, the lights in the store were not completely lit and the signage was also not lit. I am assuming that was the main reason behind why we couldn’t find the restaurant at the first place. But once we were in, I noticed that they tried to make good use of every little space they had. I wouldn’t say the decoration inside was fancy but it was decent. They had informative things like pictures from Turkey, map of the country and different newspaper articles from Turkey. In a way I kind of liked the ‘tininess’ of this place. I would say it was cozy.

A ordered a Chicken Donar and I went for a Spicy Kofte Kebab. I also ordered a glass of Ayran.

Verdict: A still thinks the meat taste like paper but much better than most other places but I think it was just fine. Here is a link for more information about the restaurant.

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  • If there is anyone from Sydney reading this and wanting to go Turkish, I would genuinely recommend the Pashash restaurant in Newtown. Its amazing. This article makes me want to go there again!

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