Cocoa and Fig – Downtown Minneapolis

Everyday as I walk to my stop to catch the bus back home, I pass by this cute little bakery called Cocoa and Fig. Their cupcake display is just so cute and enticing that you can’t help your eyes wonder through their shelves as you pass by.  I just had to go in and try out something! They have a variety of sweets and desserts but I decided to stick to cupcakes. Here is a picture of what I got.

cocoa_&_fig_tytbThe brown one is called the Coffee Lover’s Dream and it does stick to its name. You get a distinct taste of coffee and chocolate. The best part is that it’s not too sweet! I could totally eat the whole cupcake including the frosting.

I forgot the name of the white one but it has vanilla and raspberry in it. The center of the cupcake has semi solid raspberry filling making it a very unique cupcake. But it was definitely sweeter than Coffee Lover’s Dream. I didn’t like this one very much except for the fresh raspberry on top 🙂

Overall for me, Coffee Lover’s Dream was a winner but for people who loves cupcakes, I am pretty sure the vanilla raspberry one would be a winner.

Here is a link to bakery for info!

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    the cupcakes look great!

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