Day 2: Live Below the Line Campaign

Day 2 went pretty fast I think. I was  more prepared unlike the first day. I also realized on the second day that I have to start thinking of food that I can make pretty fast and does not require too much time. Working for 8 hours and then coming home and preparing dinner and lunch for the next day  has been hard, especially when you come home way too hungry . I guess that is because I am not snacking like I do on regular days. It sucks in your energy to cook when you are hungry.  It is like working for 2 jobs back to back.  But on the better note, I am eating dinner on time, before 8 o’clock (Woo hoo!!) and I am eating something home-made and fresh! Plus, I am consuming less meat which is always a good thing I think.

Anyhow today’s day started with regular breakfast cereal with milk and a banana. I had cooked enough stir fry last night so that I can take for lunch today. So I basically had left over from last night for lunch  and for dinner, I had a good bowl of chillies! For chillies, I just  used a regular canned beans and just heated them on stove top. I added some chopped onions and shredded cheese and wah lah! My hungry stormy stomach calmed down immediately!

chillies_tytb2 days down, 3 more to go!

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