Day 3: Live Below the Line

My day started in a rush! I woke up a little late so I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast properly. So my only breakfast today a banana that I managed to grab before heading out. But thank god to free coffees at work. I drank like 3-4 cups this morning just to stop my stomach from growling. I know it was a little unhealthy but I am on a challenge and I want to do it properly!

I didn’t have any left overs from last night’s dinner so I had no lunch. I had made a simple Nutella sandwich with 2 slices of white bread. Since I was hungry and I knew that it was the only food I will be getting until I cook dinner, I enjoyed every bite of my sandwich. I love Nutella but today there was extra love!

Since I just ate a banana for breakfast, I saved quite a bit monetarily. So I decided to give myself a good dinner. I made egg and broccoli curry using tomato sauce and some spices. It does sound like a weird combination but when you are limited, everything tastes just good!

I forgot to take a picture of my Nutella sandwich. I realized it after I was done :/ but here is a picture of the curry in bad lighting.

egg_curry_tytb.jpgI ate an egg today almost after 5 days. I have never longed to eat an egg so much like today ever before. While I was cooking the curry, I was really excited. It almost felt like a feast to me. I guess it is safe to say the purpose of this campaign is slowly starting to hit me.

Day 3 -> DONE!

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