Food as healers!

We eat food to keep ourselves healthy. But did you know some of these foods help reduce pain? I recently came to know about this facts from Dr. Oz show. Here are 3 foods that combat pain

Cherry – Consuming about 20 cherries works as an aspirin. Cherries contain something called anthocyanin which acts similar to aspirin. Dr. Oz also mentions the darker the cherries the better. On researching more I found some other food that has high anthocyanins. Here is the link to the list.

Tahini – Tahini is supposedly good for relieving headaches. Tahini contains magnesium that relaxes muscle stress and hence reduces headaches. He didn’t mention how much you should take but I am assuming few tea spoons since you can’t really eat tahini too much.

Papaya – Eating papaya 1 cup a day helps relieves back pain. Papaya contains enzyme called papain which is a pain fighting antioxidant.

And here is the link to Dr. Oz’s website for more information.

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