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When I am hungry and I want good filling food, this has got to be my favorite place to eat. Big Bowl in Edina is very close to where I live and the food there is always good! It never disappoints! The only thing that might disappoint would be the wait time because apparently this is not just my favorite place to eat but a lot of other people’s too!

I love everything from their menu but when I am hungry I usually go for their Panang Curry Chicken. It is buttery yet full of flavor. It is spicy but good kind of spicy and it goes perfectly well with steamed white rice. Just a warning though, if you are like my mum, who doesn’t like the taste of coconuts, then this dish might not be for you.

big_bowl_edina_PCC_tytb.jpgA got Thai Hot Pepper Chicken with Basil and Peanuts, another of our favorites. This one is spicier than the Panang Curry and has peanuts as the name suggests.

big_bowl_edina_THPC_tytb.jpgSomething that I like to drink from their menu and hands down the best ginger ale I have tried so far. The one I usually get is a Pomegranate flavored ginger ale but you can get also Orange or the original one.

big_bowl_tytb.jpgI like the service that I get at this location and the ambience is equally comforting. Since it is located inside the Galleria mall, even if you have a wait time, you can just stroll around the mall which houses a variety of stores that you typical don’t find in regular malls. So in a way, I don’t even mind the wait time in this location.

For more information about their restaurant locations and menus, you can check it out here.

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