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Kramarczuk’s, picture credit – Wikimedia

As the weather in southern states of US is going all crazy, we had our fair share of crazy weather just few days ago. The arctic blast! The last one that we had in Minnesota must be the third one for this season with temperature going 20 below zero fahrenheit which basically means if you stay outdoors without any cover for 10 minutes, your blood might freeze! I know yikes! Let’s not even talk about killer wind chills and the “feels like” temperatures. At times like these I do wonder, how come my blood hasn’t frozen yet? Anyways regardless of whether it is an arctic blast or not, every winter feels the same to me. Hence I tend to dress up like I am about to climb a mountain and prefer to eat anything that is piping hot that warms my body (Move over salad!).

Few weeks ago A and I went to Kramarczuk’s in downtown Minneapolis. Kramarczuk’s specializes on European food, mainly East European food. This is place is a little different from the regular restaurants that you see in downtown. It’s more like a takeout shop but they serve you food in regular dinnerware. Well let’s say more like a college cafeteria kind of setting. But don’t let that image disappoint your impression about the quality of the food.

kramarczuk_collage_2I ordered Goulash since it was perfect for the cold weather. It came with a piece of bread, which I thought was a bit stale or hard. Nevertheless, Goulash was perfect! There is something about how this stew warms the whole body. I think no other stew or soup does that. I guess it’s the power of potatoes to store heat. Anyhow…A ordered Moroccan sausage along with Baltika. His was served with a slice of pickle, sauerkraut, pilemenia and piroshky. Honestly I am not a huge fan of sausages and this was no exception. But I like everything else from his plate. It was pretty generous for the price, lots of food!

kramarczuk_collage_1Finally something about this place that makes it unique. If you are anything like my boyfriend who loves and misses European deli lunch meat, this is a place for you! The restaurant has its own delicatessen providing a variety of fresh meat as well lunch meat along with a wide selection of imported food from Europe. So you can dine at the restaurant and also buy some food to take home for later from the deli.


Kramarczuk’s Deli, picture credit Kramarczuk’s website

As Kramarczuk’s claims on their website, this is a place to experience an authentic European culinary experience. Here is their website for more information: Kramarczuk’s

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