Changing weather, Changing health

Winter solstice is not until December 21st but it is already winter in Minnesota! We already had snowfalls and few flurries. With changing weather, comes changes to your health. Your body goes through a shock because of the difference in temperatures. During this phase it is very important to take precautions and care of your body. While everyone deals with the change in weather differently, here are some tips on how to take care of your health during season change.

maple holistics eucalyptus oilWinter brings dryness. Especially the heating system in your house can dry your nose and throat causing congestion . Turning on the humidifier before sleeping or any time helps immensely. Even better, add few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the humidifier. It not only helps decongest your nose and throat but also helps soften and hydrate your skin.  Apart from using eucalyptus oil in humidifiers and diffusers, you can also use it as a serum for your face and body. I usually add few drops to my bath. The smell of the oil relaxes your brain while the oil moisturizes your skin.

Recently I have been using this Eucalyptus oil from Maple Holistics. It is 100% organic and USDA approved. It comes in a tiny yet sturdy bottle with a pipette dropper for ease of use. I have used many Eucalyptus oils in the past but this one is by the far one of the strongest I have used. Couple of drops in my humidifier goes a long way. But what I like most about Maple Holistics products besides being 100% organic, they are cruelty and sulphate free.

Hydrate from within! We all are very well aware by now how important it is to hydrate. It is good for your overall well-being. Despite being very well informed about the benefits of drinking water, I keep forgetting to drink water. I tend to replace it with coffee which is a very bad habit. I try to follow  the rule of drinking a glass of water for every cup of coffee I drink but I have many misses following this rule. I have found that having a bottle of water next to you helps immensely  as you are more likely to drink water when it is in arm’s reach. For more tips on drinking water check out this blogpost.

maple holistics honeyMake drinking water fun. Flavor your water. Okay don’t take that literally but what I mean is add pieces of your favorite fruits or hint of lemon juice to your water. Studies have shown that drinking hot lemon before any meal helps starts your metabolism and flushes out toxins from your body. Another tip, add a dash of honey to your hot lemon. If you have a thing for sweet tart flavors you will definitely like this. I add honey to my tea instead of sugar and I love it! I am currently trying honey from Maple Holistics. The best part about this honey is that it is raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered. Filtering honey can lose it’s nutritional value. So the honey you get from Maple Holistics is in its most natural form and full of nutrients.

One more thing to add, raw honey can be used as face masks as well. Honey acts as an antibiotic. It is high in anti-oxidants which can reduce earlier signs of aging. For more DIY honey read this post here.

Be mindful of what you eat. This is a time to boost your immune system. So indulge in lot of fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin C. Look for citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, lime, pomelo, grapefruits.

Be active. Exercise. We are naturally less mobile and less active during winter months. Cold makes us lazy! It’s obvious the last thing you want to do when the temperature outside is below freezing is get out from your warm comfort area. I usually try to do things around the house. If nothing works, crank that heat up or work out in-front of a fireplace? Anything that encourages you to work out right?

DSC09063It is very important to keep our minds and body in check during the change of weather. It is even more important to be aware of the things you put in your body. All the products from Maple Holistics are 100% organic, natural and cruelty free plus they are USDA certified which makes purchasing products such as honey or eucalyptus oil so much easier. If you are looking to transition into more natural products for daily use, be sure to check their website. The have a tons of products including free samples and special Amazon deals!

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