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Life does not always work out the way you plan. It throws you a curve ball and your perfectly planned day goes out from the drain. At least that is how my days go 50% of the time. Most of the time when this happens, I tend to put my health as my last priority in the list. Although I don’t see the impact of this kind of lifestyle  right away,  I know few years down the road, it will haunt me. I have been taking few measures to change my bad habits which I hope will eventually mitigate the impact.

DSC08533I have been told multiple times by my physician that my good cholesterol is pretty low and the only way to increase HDL is to workout frequently. Working out is my least favorite thing to do. The hardest part about working out for me is initial effort to get ready to go to gym and not the work out itself. Once I am in gym I have no problem. Hence to solve this issue, I brought the gym to my home. I don’t have any sophisticated equipments or even designated room for working out. I have few things that works out really well for me. I have a yoga mat, an exercise ball, few weights, a stretch band and a strong internet connection that plays fitness videos! My favorite is Fitness Blender in Youtube. I often do a 30 minutes HIIT videos in my living room. I change into gym clothes when I feel like. Otherwise you will find me working out in my pajamas. The main takeaway here is I am working out and I consider that already a success.

careof_collageWater intake has been my other problem. I drink a lot of coffee which dehydrates immensely. I started a rule where I would force myself to drink a glass of water every time I got coffee. I was persistent in the beginning but as the weeks passed it was less frequent. However, I still try to do it whenever I remember. It also helps when coffee and water station are next to each other. Another thing I do is mark my glass with the number of glasses of water I have drank. I make a goal of drinking at least 5 glasses of water while I am at work. I draw 5 small circles on my glass and every time I drink, I cross off one circle. This sounds like it wouldn’t work but somehow it works on me. It motivates me when I see circles getting crossed off!

DSC08299I have also started taking vitamins just to support my daily well-being. When I eat home, I try to eat clean and healthy as possible but that is not enough always. I came across Care/of just about a month ago when I was looking for dietary supplements.  There were few areas of my  health that I was concerned about but wasn’t sure what my body was lacking.I took a quick survey on the Care/of website and entered how I have been feeling lately and based on what I entered, within seconds  it put together a list of vitamins that would help my areas of concern. Along with the personalized recommendation, it also gives you a small explanation of each vitamin and their benefits. I loved the fact that Care/of explains each recommendation in plain layman’s terms. I got a 30 days supply of the supplements and needless to say I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. 

These are some of the steps I have taken to make small changes (if not big) towards a healthier lifestyle. What are yours? Please do share yours if you have any tips.

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