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DSC02351One of the must do things while you are in Chicago – try the famous deep dish pizza! I did too this past thanksgiving. A and I went to Giordano’s for their stuffed pizza. Just a word of caution, the wait time is pretty long! Giordano’s is a pretty popular place and is located in the heart of major tourist attractions. Plus it serves one of Chicago’s speciality dish! When we reached, which was neither lunch nor dinner time (about 3pm), there were already so many people waiting. So many people, that people had to wait outside. When we got our name on the list, the lady over the counter told us the wait was about an hour which was better because the night before we tried to get in, the wait time was over 1.5 hours!


After almost an hour, we finally got a table. We had already ordered a stuffed pizza half Classic Chicago style and half Barbecue Chicken while waiting for table. So we didn’t have to wait too long once we were seated. We loved the Classic Chicago. However barbecue chicken was a little sweet for both of us. We didn’t realize it was barbecue sauce and not barbecued chicken! Nevertheless the pizza was thick and very filling! One slice and I was done but I decided to try both flavors  and went for second slice.


They ship pizza anywhere in continental USA?






Overall we loved the pizza but not the wait time. Definitely not a place to go if you are already hungry! Be prepared for long waiting hours.

Have you been to Giordano’s in Chicago?

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