Grace Hopper Conference 2013 – Day 3

I guess I was tired from dancing the night before; I missed the keynote speaker for the day. So I decided to have an easy morning. I reached the conference hall and just walked around the career fair. I did talk to a lot of representatives from different companies. I went to the Facebook booth and had a chat with one of the HRs and the engineers that I had spoke to during the happy hour session. I talked to representatives from different universities and got many advice on starting my master’s degree which I am really thankful of.

I randomly attended a A/B testing panel discussion. I have no experience with A/B testing since the nature of my work does not involve A/B testing. It was an interesting session since the panel was from industry whose products I was well aware of. So learning about the tools and techniques they use to test different feature was attention grabbing.

I was also invited to another Facebook’s happy hour which was really fun. I got to meet so many people from Facebook as well as people working in different companies. It was a very fun networking session. At the end of the session, each one of us got a signed copy of Lean In book.



I made my way to the closing ceremony.





DSC00123 The highlight of the night was the rocket scientist turned stand up comedian Shayla Rivera. I thought she was joking at first but after searching her in internet, I realized she wasn’t joking. Interesting career change there. She is an engineer who decided that she wanted to do comedy.




Made some new friends!

ghc_friends Ever wondered how 4700 women engineers party together? This should give you a hint.





4700 like minded women + good food + unlimited Häagen-Dazs(yay to that) + live DJ = Good Mood =  One heck of a closing ceremony!

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