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Sunday Mornings are reserved for brunches! Specially if there is a birthday involved then it is a must! I went to Brasa, Minneapolis location for another friend’s birthday this week. I have been to their St. Paul location before and have absolutely fallen in love with that place. This restaurant has its own uniqueness from outside and inside. From outside, it literally looks like garage. Well to be more specific a fire station. Big garage doors that opens from floor to ceiling. I am assuming that they probably open these door to have some continuous outdoor seating during summer (I have been to Brasa only during colder months). Inside the restaurant, the styling is very much “Chipotle-ish” in a way but much better at the same time. Basically the interior does not scream luxury in anyway but I am sure no one would care once the food is served.


My friends have never been to Brasa so to try out many dish from the menu, we decided to order different things and share. We ordered mostly from the lunch plates and got some rotisserie chicken, pulled pork, pulled beef, pulled chicken dish, some yucca fries with garlic seasoning,  plantains  and whole bunch of other things. I remember when I was in the St. Paul location, I loved the chicken wings. Not too oily and just the right amount of smokiness. I was hoping to get some wings (yes for brunch) but found out that it was a special and not available that day. Our “brunch” quickly turned into a full carnivore lunch. But I don’t think anyone minded. As a matter of fact, everyone loved the food. The best part of Brasa is that everything is organic and locally grown. That makes the food taste so much better!






Have you been to Brasa before? What is your dish?

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