Pinstripes – Edina, MN

If you like bowling, bocce and good food then you will love Pinstripes!

I recently had the opportunity to try some of the items from Pinstripes’ new spring menu and all I can tell you is, it was amazing! The rest, you will have to try it for yourself! Some of the new items I tried included the Farmer’s Market Salad, Burrata Caprese and Filet Mignon. My favorite of all that appealed to my taste buds and eyes has to be Burrata Caprese. There is something about the combination of fresh tomatoes and basil topped with soft creamy cheese drizzled with olive oil. I guess it’s the combination of both colors and flavors that reminds of something fresh. The Filet Mignon was equally good. I could have easily eaten 10 of those. Filet was seasoned with espresso crust and served with creamy polenta and roasted calabrese brocollini. However I didn’t really taste the espresso. Besides the new items on the menu I have to mention that Pinstripes also does a mean Jambalaya! YOU.HAVE.TO.TRY.THIS!!! I promise you won’t regret it! You might go into a food coma though.


While we are still in the topic of food let’s not forgot the drinks. Pinstripes makes their own Limoncello which is already bottled and ready for you to take home if you desire. Out of all the cocktails I tried, Margarita Italiano definitely was my favorite. The slight peachy pink hue of the drink not only reminds of summer but is actually very fresh without being overly sweet. But if you prefer drinks on the sweeter side then definitely go for Puccini which has hints of sparkling wine and mango juice.


Let’s talk about the Pinstripes tagline Bistro, Bowling and Bocce. Pinstripes has a indoor Bocce ball lane and 2 bowling alleys. You can reserve the space for any social occasions including corporate events and wedding! Pinstripes location (which is right next to Centennial park) makes it ideal for a wedding venue. What more, they even have fire pits to relax outside while you enjoy your drink. One of the fire pits being on the second floor balcony. If that is not enough, they even provide you blankets to keep you warm and cozy during those chilly nights.

All in all, I think Pinstripes is a great location to hang out with friends or family. Its space caters to people of all ages and almost all occasions. It can serve as a happy hour destination after work or a family restaurant for good dinner after a game of bowling. What do you think? Have you been to Pinstripes recently?

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