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DSC04014As Google describes it “Belgian beer and Dutch food in a hip, dark music hall hosting local bands in 2 music stages and trivia nights“, this is exactly what you will get in Amsterdam Bar and Hall. I along with a couple of friends went to Amsterdam bar and hall for a late night dinner. It was hip, trendy, dark and pretty busy! We were 4 of us and we had a hard time finding a seat…not because this place is small but because there were so many people! Looks like it is a favorite hangout place for a lot of people.


DSC03976The bar was divided into two sections. One section was a general area with good amount of seating, booths, a nice big bar and a small stage which was empty when we were there. The other section had some band playing. They were charging $20 to get in. Since we were there primarily for food and we didn’t know the band, we decided to stick to the general “free” section of the bar. We somehow managed to squeeze/share a booth with random people.

Queen Bea:DSC03983


The menu was pretty simple and straight forward; something that you would prefer when you are very hungry and just want to eat. We decided to go for some Belgium style fries, Amsterdam frites which came with chopped onions and three different sauces of your choice. The sauces were unique as well. We went for garlic herb mayo, peanut satay and siracha mayo. My favorite out of the three were garlic herb mayo and siracha mayo.DSC03987

One of my friends had already been here before so she suggested getting Shwarma burger (pictured on the right below). So all of us went for that. Since the burgers were pretty small, we decided to get one more. My friend here I think got a seared pit ham and gouda (left on the picture below).DSC03989

Cajun Shrimp broodjes:DSC03994

Beer braised smocked pork:DSC03996

Shwarma burger:DSC03999

DSC03986We all found the Shwarma burger to be a little dry but my friend confirmed that they were juicy and soft the first she was here. So I am assuming this was just a fluke. Overall, I liked everything about the place. Drinks were nice and food was good. Sometimes, you just want to simple but good filling food with no complicated ingredients. I think this is just that kind of place. Plus dim light and live music playing in the background brought the whole experience to a different level.

DSC03971Although we did sit on the other side of the bar, we could still hear the band playing and maybe with a long zoom lens, you can even see them like I did 😉

I have been looking a proper burger joint in Twin Cities area for a long time and I think I finally found one! I will definitely come here again for the broodjes. This gets my thumbs up!

Have you been to Amsterdam Bar and Hall? How did you like the food?

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