Red Bull Crashed Ice – St Paul, Minnesota

DSC03731Last weekend I went to see the 4th annual Red Bull Crashed Ice finals. Fortunately the weather was very nice, well nice according to Minnesota standard. So many people attended and I think we broke last year’s record with 140,000 attendees!


It was held in front of the beautiful cathedral in St Paul!DSC03766

A lot of people showed up. Weather played a big role too.


DSC03861Men’s semi finals!

Polaris snow mobile race.DSC03904

At the Red Bull village! The after party was on the 7th Street. The whole street was blocked off.DSC03725

I like how the fire pits are also “red bullarisedDSC03721



Finally the record attendance at the venue!IMAG3554

I love how Red Bull brings unconventional events to different cities. I remember watching Flugtag few summers ago. I thought it was hilarious but I also knew I would be wetting my pants if I was participating. This was no different. I can’t imagine standing in those icy slopes let alone skiing down in those blades and tackling all those hills and curves in.high.speed! Hats off to those guys and girls!

Have you been to any Red Bull event? What is your favorite one

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