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DSC00789If you like mason jars, you are going to love The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen!

After working the whole day, A and I love to catch up on different things that happened during the day over coffee. So we headed to The Copper Hen assuming it was regular coffee joint. We have passed by this place many times but never been inside. The ambience of the inside from those big windows always looked so cosy and so inviting!DSC00745


We thought it was a bakery at first. The word “Cakery” got us confused but soon realized it includes non bakery items as well. So we decided to ditch coffee and go for something alcoholic!

I don’t remember all the beers included in the beer flight but I believe they change them every week. Our favorite was the second one from the left in the picture above.DSC00752

We also decided to get some food and started off with Steak and Egg Tartare. This was basically minced beef meat stuffed in a mini mason jar topped with shredded pecorino and pickle served with poached egg and very thinly sliced and toasted bread. This dish kind of reminded me of the dishes my mum makes. It called “lah-pi” in Newari and it is very similar. Instead of stuffing raw minced meat it in a jar, lah-pi are shaped into patties.DSC00760



One thing we both noticed was there weren’t many dishes in the menu that included “hen”. One that had a hen was Cornish Hen Cassoulet. A thought that the hen was cooked just perfect but I found it a little dry. But the bedding for the hen was so good!! It was a mixture of  white bean cassoulet, sausages, bacon and some interesting spices. This is my favorite of all.

Since our original plan was to have coffee and pastries, I ordered a mason jar cake. It was a simple vanilla with buttercream frosting cake. The cake was really dry. I had to deconstruct the whole cake and mix it with the frosting to finish it.DSC00777





See, I told you…you are going to love to place if you like mason jars. Even the bill came in mason jar 🙂DSC00786

Overall I liked this place. It was very cosy and the ambience was unique. The hostess was nice and the food was good except for that cake at the end. I would definitely come here again and try something different from their menu. DSC00791

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