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DSC00432It almost feels like Seattle and coffee go hand in hand. Two of the most popular coffee brands (Starbucks and Seattle’s Best)  have connections to Seattle. In addition, the slightly damp and chilly weather makes you want to sip something warm all day long. While walking around the city with my friend, we found this French coffee shop called Le Panier in the middle of the hustling and bustling Pike’s Place market. There wasn’t any big sign so it was pretty hard to navigate but reviews in Yelp and Urbanspoon was really impressive  so we had to find it.

DSC00428_seattleWe reached the cafe at a very last-minute. So we didn’t have a lot of choice for pastries but I think we still got to try some good treats. We got  2 breves, a pistachio eclairs and a d’Orsay. The funny thing is I got the eclairs because I thought I won’t be able to eat d’Orsay but my gosh…that d’Orsay was something. I almost ate all of it.

lepanier_seattleThis might be one of the best chocolate pastries I have tried so far. Not exaggerating. The eclairs was equally good. I generally like anything pistachio and this was no exception.

DSC00433_seattleThe cafe was still crowded even till the last-minute. I wish I was carrying a nicer camera so that I could capture moments inside the cafe but this will definitely be in my list of places to visit if I come back to Seattle again.

Have you been to Le Panier?

Le Panier on Urbanspoon

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