Red Cup Cafe – Mukilteo, WA

DSC00520During my recent visit to Boeing Museum, my friends and I stopped by Red Cup Cafe in Mukilteo, Washington. This cute cafe is located in one of the most scenic place. It was very close to the water body so if you like caffeine, watching ferries and the serenity that water brings, this is going to be your favorite place.


We reached at sunset. This made the place even better. Everything was just perfect. It just made me never want to leave the coffee shop. There weren’t a lot of people. Most of them looked like they were from the same neighborhood but you could tell that everyone has having a good time.

DSC00510There was a lot of outdoor seating  but because we were so close to the water, it was a bit chilly to sit outside. It would be nice to spend time here with a coffee and a book or with some good company during a nice summer or fall day. And if this place opens early enough, then this would be a nice place to get some breakfast in the morning. I can only imagine!



Does the amount of spit decide how much penalty you pay? That is a big range $5 – $100.


This cafe reminded me of Dunn Bros Coffee shop housed in Smith Douglas house in Eden Prairie. It had the similar cosy feeling, probably because they both are located in a quiet residential area and housed in a non commercial building.

Have you been to Red Cup Cafe?

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