Origami Restaurant – Uptown Minneapolis, MN

DSC00725If you search for a good sushi place, your search result will probably return many restaurants. Even non-Japanese restaurants have started including sushi in their menu. That is because Japanese food is so good and I am pretty sure a lot of people will agree with me. Japanese food have that ability to fill your stomach without making you feel like you stuffed a whole quarter pound burger. And I am all about getting my belly full minus the heavy feeling.

Origami is one of the standalone Japanese restaurants. They have two locations in Minneapolis. Last week, I went to uptown location which is located between the Lagoon cinema and Bar Louie.

DSC00721I started off with something that I always order when I am dining at a Japanese restaurant, seaweed salad. There is something refreshing about the seaweed salad despite it’s slimy texture.

DSC00726I got an order of spicy yellow tail and salmon avocado. Both were good except there was nothing spicy about spicy yellow tail.

DSC00723Chicken Gyozas were way better than what I have tried in many places. The pieces were big and well stuffed.

DSC00724Grilled Chicken Donburi rice bowls came with assorted pickled vegetables. I thought that was interesting because rice bowls usually come with regular grilled or pan-fried vegetables.

origami_collage_1Overall, I liked this restaurant. They had both bar style seating with tv screens for game days as well as regular restaurant style seating.  I can’t say anything negative about this place, except one thing; the smell of the bleach was too strong. On a positive note, I now know they take hygiene seriously 🙂

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