Yard House – St Louis Park, MN

DSC04558Hi guys! I wanted to do a quick post on my recent dining experience at Yard House. One sentence – If you like beer then you will love Yard House!

A loves going to Yard House for its huge selection of beer. The one pictured above is Double Chocolate Stout. I have never tried a chocolate flavored beer so this was quite unique for me. I have to admit I really liked it.

DSC04566A and I were here for Happy Hour(HH) so we only ordered food from their HH menu but I must say I am quite impressed with their selection. Food option for HH was pretty big and the price was also very reasonable; pretty cheap for the amount of food you get actually. We ordered a nacho salad and some crab cakes. The nachos salad was very big. A and I couldn’t finish it.

DSC04575While we couldn’t finish nachos, we devoured the crab cakes. I loved it so much that I got a second order of crab cakes. It was the right crispness and had the right tanginess in the sauce. Plus the sauce had bits of mangoes in it which made it even more delicious.

DSC04564You can tell that this place is a beer lover’s heaven. They serve you beer in Vegas style glasses 😉

DSC04562I have been to Yard House couple of times in the past for lunches. I love their lunch menu; Jambalaya being my favorite. This was my first visiting this place for HH. This place is pretty huge but during HH’s even a place this big becomes really crowded. A and I had to wait almost 20 minutes to get a seat at the bar….yea not even a proper table but at the bar!! We literally stood behind a couple who we thought were leaving. Sorry to that couple if we annoyed you. We really thought you were leaving 🙂 However once we were seated, food came out really quick. Another plus point about this place, you don’t have to find or pay for parking. Since this restaurant is located in the West End area, free underground parking is available and who doesn’t love fast and free parking?

Have you been to Yard House? What is your choice of beer or food?

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