Salmon Avocado Toast

DSC04117Can this winter be over yet?? I see pictures of my friends from California and south states already in their spring dresses and sandals and here we are still bundled in layers. On top of it the no sun weather makes it even worse. I like snow but only the fresh clean white kind and maybe only around Christmas time. But I don’t like this gloomy frigid below negative weather for 5 days straight! Things get a little depressing after few days of no sun. So here is a little pick me up recipe for an easy colorful toast. I am not sure if I can call it a recipe because there is really no method involved other than carefully layering the right ingredients over a toast. You have probably seen this or even ate this but I just wanted to share my version just in case anyone is feeling dragged down by the weather.

Here is what you will need for one slice of toast:

  1. 1 slice of wheat bread
  2. European butter
  3. Half avocado
  4. Few slices of smoked salmon
  5. 1 egg
  6. 1/4 tea-spoon of fresh chopped dill
  7. Salt and pepper

Toast the bread on regular toaster.

Once the toast is ready, spread butter on your toast. I like using European butter because they are more creamier than regular butter and since I don’t eat butter that often, I like to spread a generous amount on my toast.

Slice avocado and lay them next to each other on the toast.

Add your smoked salmon on top of avocado slices.

Now comes the interesting part. Boil water in a deep saucepan. Once the water starts bubbling, crack an egg and cook it in water. Egg will coagulate and will you a nice poached egg without needing to use oil! Layer the egg over the salmon.

Finally sprinkle some chopped fresh dill, salt and pepper. If you are feeling bold then add some red pepper flakes!

Serve it in a colorful plate to brighten up things more!

DSC04113Hope you like my version of this toast and if you have your own version of this avocado toast, please do share!

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