Afro Deli and Coffee – St. Paul, MN

DSC04725If you look for a healthy-ish fast food restaurant, there aren’t many in the map. I find Afro Deli and Coffee is one of them. I wouldn’t consider it completely healthy but at least I know I am eating real food and not some pink slime.  A and I went to Afro Deli for late lunch last week.  There are two locations and we went to their new St Paul location which I believe opened just last month. They have one in Minneapolis if you are wondering.

DSC04717As the name suggests it offers food from different African nations. We got a Somali Steak Sandwich and a Chapati Wrap and Somali Sweet Spiced Tea to go along with the food. Each item came with a choice of either fries or salad. I went for fries because green salad is pretty much the same in all places.


DSC04732Both the dishes were very filling. I couldn’t even finish the Chapati wrap. The wrap came with rice and chicken filling and was pretty spicy. I wouldn’t say hot but you can definitely taste the spices in it. Nothing overwhelming though. I really liked the fries that came with the meal. They were slightly breaded and crunchy in texture.


DSC04728The Somali steak sandwich was good too. Unlike most steak sandwich where they have a patty or the whole piece of steak pressed between the bread, this one was more like a gyro. There was slices of steak along with roasted peppers, onions and cheese.

DSC04724The most surprising for me was the  Somali Sweet Spiced Tea. I kind of knew what it would taste like, sweet tea with a hint of spice. It was similar to Masala Chiya that Nepalese usually have but I didn’t expect it to look like regular black tea. I think I expected it to look  a bit more milky. Nevertheless I liked my tea but A was on the fence about it. He thought he tasted more syrup than actual tea.

I have to say for a fast food joint, the menu is pretty extensive and lots of variety too. I would come here again and try something different, maybe a vegetarian dish or the Steak Dinner that really looks good in picture and maybe that Kenyan Black Tea too. The service was good too. The guy behind the counter kept apologizing to us and letting us for the wait, which wasn’t really a long.

Have you been to Afro Deli?

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  • Reply March 11, 2015

    Laurie O

    I’ve been to the Mpls location and had the Chicken Fantastic…it was fantastic! Good to hear there’s a St. Paul location. I’ll have to get there again and try that tea! Enjoyed your pictures.

    • Reply March 11, 2015


      I will have to try that next time. Their entrees look really good! Thank you for visiting 🙂

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