1934275_680728133370_7738083_n#DearMe is campaign started by YouTube to celebrate International Women’s Day and to inspire and empower women all around the world by giving advice to your younger self. Now I know I am supposed to give advice but I am going to change things a little bit here and focus on the positive things my younger self did. As arrogant as it may sound, I do want to thank my younger self because self acknowledgment is in a way a form of self encouragement and a positive reinforcement that empowers you and reminds you that sometimes it is okay if things aren’t perfect.

So here is my take!

#DearMe, thank you for paying attention to mum while she was teaching you how to sew. Yes, you didn’t create a clean hem and I will probably never be able to make any clothing item but at least you can hem your own pants when needed or stitch that accident rip in the dress 2 minutes before heading out or reinforce that loose button in a shirt that you have meaning to wear!

#DearMe, thank you for listening to your sister and getting rid of those pink glasses with changeable lens in high school! You look less ridiculous when you look at pictures now 😀

#DearMe, good job listening to papa and taking up that extra mathematics class in high school. I know it was hard staying up late just to finish up those assignments but guess what you turned out to be a fine engineer and no one can take that away from you now!

#DearMe, thank you for always understanding the value of money and being content with what you have. (Though I think I may have to learn something from my younger self now)

#DearMe, thank you for knowing the difference between the good and the bad and never falling into the hands of bad habits.

#DearMe, thank you for understanding the value of education and always keeping it as your utmost priority. Although I wish that you had never dropped violin lessons. Maybe someday I will take those classes again 🙂

#DearMe, here is a pat on your back for knowing early on that not all people grow up the same way and that it is okay to be a little different no matter how weird other people think you are. You can never please everyone anyways.

#DearMe, thank you for doing everything that you could and giving it your 100% because you turned out pretty fine!

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